Finding New Ways to Paint

photo (3)photo (4)

I have been trying new ways of painting and finding objects that allow paint to be applied to a surface. The first object that I found were cotton buds, these allow the paint to be applied in an imperfect circle. However, the edge was more prominent in comparison to the centre. This had happened because the cotton bud had absorbed the paint but the excess paint had remained around the edges.

Out of the two sets of cocktail painting combinations, the second combination works better than the first as the colours relate to each other. The first set of cocktail paintings worked well except for the blue paint that had been used as it does not complement the pink. Instead it stands out because it is very dark in comparison to the tones of the other colours. photo (5)

These are painted with a knife but each piece has a different effect. The differences of the effects are caused by how the knife is used. The first effect was produced by placing the paint onto the surface whereas; the second effect is caused by scraping the paint down the surface. The second effect can also be produced using a fork. photo (7)

I started painting with a fork to quicken the process of producing the cocktail stick effect; however it was less effective as there was less control over the size of the marks it was producing. With some of the fork prongs they were unable to touch the surface.


About elizabethahunt

I am artist that is currently studying Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University.
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